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Endangered Beauty
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living In Eternity

Kat's Travel Blog


October 28, 2009

What a fabulous country! The stark beauty and windswept coast is forever seared in my heart. I began a morning with the wonderful hotel staff's huge layout called 'breakfast.' (which by the way comes free with the room!) There were delicacies from fresh seafood caught in Iceland's pristine waters as well as fine pastries. It reminded me of my grandmother's table on Thanksgiving. The bread was mouthwatering and fresh, many grain and healthy, the coffee hot and delicious. They had so many types of breads and pastry that I had to close my eyes in order not to gain ten pounds. So I decided to eat healthy and had the hot Oatmeal with fresh fruit.

Hotel Keflavik has so much charm. The entire crew was treated like family and we were told, when we dragged ourselves into the lobby after a long weary flight, that they had prepared a special meal for us. So last night the entire crew sat down to mouthwatering fresh homemade soups and seafood. I have to say that the vegetable soup was the best I have ever had. The bread was piping hot and homemade too. The showers here are wonderful. They are walk in, so if you are older, you don't have to step over a tub. The showers were very easy to use too, and you can dial the temperature of the water. Downstairs they have a state of the art fitness center with a sauna.

But for me, I needed the fresh bracing air and went for a walk. I let my heart lead me as usual. I always have wonderful adventures that way. I must have walked six miles along the coast. The sun was just peeking out from behind the distant snowcovered island and bathed the craggy coast with quicksilver. The waves crashed against gigantic rocks of pure pumice, roaring majestically as birds of many species darted and dived into the ocean. I explored an old fishing boat, left high and dry for that purpose, then followed the coast all the way around until my eyes lit upon a strange sight.

In the distance, I saw a cottage built into the side of the cliff. It looked like something a Gnome would live in. The house appeared to be built into solid rock and huge majestic windows carved of wood looked out upon the sea. My curious heart pulled me there. I followed the trail around the cliff and came upon a mystery.

Before me huge tall doors, at least 50 feet high beckoned. I saw a gigantic whale bone lying beside the rocks and made my way up to the door. No one was around and I was alone. So I pushed upon the door with all my might wanting to see what lay beyond. Suddenly I heard a strange sound, like a snarl then a groan and jumped back! It sounded otherworldly and I wondered if a mammoth was in there! I backed away and fled back to the hotel to ask my new friend Mark (who works behind the desk) what in the world this place was.

Mark laughed and was delighted that I had found the "Gnome House." It is a place; he said that was definitely an "Island Thing!"

"Oh, you have to go back and experience it!" He grinned.

Then they told me what, in fact it was and I could not wait to return.

Iceland has a history of Celtic and Nordic roots. On the island are many fairies and Nomes and this is a place for the children to go. It is completely free of charge to visit, so with my good friends and fellow flight attendants, armed with cameras, we went back. After all, Mark had called and asked the gentleman to open it for us.

We hoofed it back and I was in the lead, having a fetish about keeping folks waiting and could just see this little gnome like man waiting for us before the huge doors! And of course, having already seen the sites I was way in the lead.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped into that 'house!'

It was a mammoth natural grotto enclosed to look like the hall of the mountain king. The sea has carved out a natural cave and the people of Iceland wanted to build something for their kids. At first, my eyes were blasted wide open in shock by the site of the gigantic bed. It is at least 100 or more feet long, and is the bed of the 'Grandmother of Shriek.'

Grandma Shriek is at least 100 to 200 feet high and sits in her rocker belching and farting and making sounds as only an old Gnome could! I doubled over in laughter. I will never forget the expressions of my companions as they came through that door! I was glad I was there first so I could see their reactions. Pure joy and childlike laughter lit up their faces. We were all 4 years old for a moment! Then we made photos to share with all of you.

There is also a chest with a four leaf clover painted upon the lid where Grandma Gnome hides all her treasures. From the great doors is a view (sigh…) that I will share with all of you. I will come back to write about Iceland again…as a welcome guest of this wonderful hotel.

David Jonsson and Markus Fry will welcome you and make you feel warm and cozy!

For those of you who want to visit Iceland, I cannot recommend a better place to stay!!

Here's the place!

Hotel Keflavik, Vatnsnesvegi 12-14 , 230 Keflavik, Iceland,

All the Best!

Kat and Crew of Gypsy Airlines

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