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Endangered Beauty
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Taking Care of the Troops

Welcome friends,

I hope you will read the last blog, "Eyes of the Snow Leopard," as it gives the reason I created this blog. I am keenly aware that many animals face extinction, because of man and his greed. I will tell you something else: We are endangered too. Global warming is real, is deadly and we are responsible for it. I hope with all my soul that we can learn to live in peace and be the stewards of this earth we are meant to be.

Along with my dear friend and mentor,Dr. Edgar Mitchell, I work daily to try to help in any way I can. I am tireless in the 'war' to protect the earth and her children all I can. I hope this blog will circle the planet and all will do their part too. We need to all work on this together! Ed has told people that he did not feel deeply when he was on the moon..but he did. I know that Allen Shepherd wept when he saw that blue jewel hanging in space. Not one of the men who walked on the moon was ever the same.

Ed is always working now, to try to get people to wake up, to see the danger we are doing with all our wars and stupidity. I fly all over the world. From up there, all looks neat and organized and beautiful. But when we land, it is another story. I see most of my brothers and sisters on this planet struggling just to live. Many of them are so poor that they cannot function normally. So they are prey to the fanatics who twist their minds into hatred. Lack of education is a lot of the problem. I have just seen that the author of 'Three Cups of Tea', Greg Mortensen, has another book out. I will eagerly get it to support him in his quest to bring education to the people of Afghanistan. This man should win the Nobel Peace prize!

Also Dr. Gary Young, a brother in spirit who is building schools in Equator and flying all over the world in quest of healthy foods and medicines! Dr. Young has helped so many people with his great essential oils, which heal better than the medicines we spend fortunes to kill us!Look up info on him at

Yesterday, I flew in Troops which had been in Kuwait training. These are the best passengers in the world, so nice and thankful for anything one does for them. Tomorrow, I will fly rich people down to the islands to escape the cold. I cringe to think of the difference! These people will most likely be spoiled, rude and obnoxious. Better get the bloody Mary's ready...

Americans are spoiled, I am sorry to say, troops excluded. I will tell you all about this trip tomorrow on the blog. Hope I can report a difference in my judgement, so let us see!!!

Upon arrival, the troops were met by the Pease Greeters, a group of Veterans of Viet Nam and other conflicts, dressed in their uniforms, their wives, children and dogs form a line to welcome the troops home, cheering. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw these people welcome the troops with open arms. They provided the troops with coffee, donuts, phone cards, hats and other freebies. I understand that the vets who were deeply depressed over Viet Nam have found their calling in welcoming our heroes home. Seeing the troops have reconnected them and given them a reason to retire from the Military with dignity.

God bless all of you of Pease Greetings for all your work and love. We love you all. Even the Crew who fly these boys home are warmly welcomed with hugs. Brings tears to my eyes to tell of it. In the freezing cold, our photos were taken as a memorial to our work in bringing them home. Tell you something: I'd go into Iraq (I have) and wherever I needed to to get our boys and ladies who fight in these terrible conflicts and bring them back home, even if I have to dodge bullets myself!

War is a terrible and senseless thing. But when one has to go off to war, it surely must mean the world to be appreciated and welcomed home. I only wish the Viet Nam boys had been.

Sometimes I wonder if this whole war thing is a business run by heads of state for money. I lived in Egypt for many years and can tell you for sure that my brothers and sisters in Egypt, Morocco and other countries want the same as us. is only a small minority that run this so called Jihad. The Taliban are cruel and stupid and uneducated. Osama? From what I have read about him, he lived in a house in Saudi Arabia, with no furniture lounged on a dirt floor, a fanatic who did not think twice about indulging his lust for women,however. They are all the same. Power and that is the biggest drug of all. I think he is dead...but that is my opinion. He was very ill and I do not know how he could ever survive in those mountains. Been there, not a place for a man who needed kidney dyasilysis.

Enough for now. I will update this blog when I get back to sunny Florida. Love to you all!

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  1. Hi Kat, So glad you are back and look forward to this blog. dyalysis?
    who knows? How wonderful to have all of your adventures! Keep up the good work. Love, Glo